Having been in business for over 13 years, Complete Flooring has been providing expert flooring solutions to various industries. We’ve breathed new life into the floors of large businesses, private homes and luxury venues. With our in-house teams and flooring expertise we are known to take the hassle out of your flooring project, and give you your dream space. With luxury vinyl plank solutions, engineered wood or solid wood flooring, artificial turf and stain-proof carpets, we can give your personal or professional space the unique look you need.

However, when you’ve been at the top of the flooring industry for so long, it can be easy to forget that you deserve a little bit of pampering and a new style, too.


Transparent, Interactive, Professional

In addition to our new website, Complete Flooring can also be found with our new Google Geo-Pin. Do you want to take a stroll through our beautiful Showroom? Look no further than the virtual tour that is linked to our Pin Profile. Would you like to interact with us, or receive news, updates and facts about flooring that you need to know? Now it’s easier than ever! You can find us on Social Media, including Facebook (@completefloorssa)Twitter (@compfloors) and Instagram (@completefloorssa). We share photos of our projects and team, information about flooring solutions, specials and competitions on these platforms – and we’d love to hear from you.

We’ve taken steps to stand apart from others in our specialized market, retaining the professional service and expert flooring solutions that we are known for while moving forward with modern trends. This enables us to keep in touch with our clients and provide a service that is both professional but also has a personal touch. Most importantly, we strive to work with our clients instead of for them, and in so doing give them the look and feel they want, while also being able to suit their budget – without compromising on quality.

To show how proud we are of our flooring, vinyl, carpet and turf solutions, we even showcase our client’s reviews and opinions because we are confident in the solutions and floors we provide.


With our new approach, clients are guaranteed the quality of the service we’ve always provided but now combined with the platforms to communicate with us. We are more visible and interactive than ever before! For clients, this means a new level of transparency and trust between them and Complete Flooring – trust that means quality, affordability and accountability.


Enough about us, let’s talk about you. Have you been inspired by our new look and style? Maybe it’s time you get one, too! Contact our team now for a consultation to see how we can help you breathe new life into your home or office space with one of our quality flooring solutions.